mardi, mars 10, 2009

MASSTISHADDHU, Shekinah (1988, dark ambient)

I'm not sure I should have posted this : even it's a really good dark ambient (no electronics, only bowed instruments and percussions, or so it seems), it's certainly not very different from many other dark ambient albums of the area. The most known I think about is the exceptional CURRENT 93's "Nature's unveiled" (re-released this year on vynil and CD, buy it!!), and this "Shekinah" is obviously less intersting.
But... I don't know, I really like it - for dark moods.
Try it here.

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Húndún a dit…

Actually quite glad to see this posted as it is one of my favorite albums in the area. I wouldn't consider it for dark moods entirely since it has a really ecstatic feel to it especially the first half. This is available from the thing on doorstep blog if you havent already seen it. I wouldn't consider old C93 that similar. Maybe check out Zero Kama - Secret Eye of L.A.Y.L.A.H. (Also availlable on the thing on the doorstep), some of the more ritualistic Sigillum S. albums such as Bardo Thos-Grol, Sleep Chamber's Sirkle Zero and of course Brast Burn and Karuna Khyal.


I can pass some links your way if you're interested in trying any of these out.

mahood a dit…

Of course interested!!
Thanks for the precisions, I think you're right.

Anonyme a dit…

thanks - steve.

RESET reset RESET a dit…

No conocia este album... tienes material de culto hombre... thanks...!!!

Anonyme a dit…

This is the most fuckedup abyss of daarkness i've ever heard.

thai brides a dit…

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