lundi, décembre 31, 2007

S. TELLIER, Mr. OIZO, SEBASTIAN - Steak (2007, electro-pop)

Sorry but these days I don't have time to post all I'd like to share.
Here is a "lite" post : this soundtrack sounds like a brilliant joke, but maybe only a joke. It's vintage electro-pop music, somewhere between Moroder and french comedy soundtrack from the 80s.
As a bonus, you'll find in the file the new SEBASTIEN TELLIER's single, remixed by SEBASTIAN.
Discover here this electro-pop soundtrack from a movie that nobody (almost) has seen.

PS : someone has noticed that there's one track missing in one of the TELLIER live perfomances I've posted sooner. The reason is that this track has no interest at all, it's a short track from the 2nd album. If you really want it, please ask and I'll try to post it.

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