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Before the links are dead...

In my opinion, GURU GURU's "Kan-Guru" is their best album and a good start in true krautrock, with their typical "Hendrixian" touch in the guitar playing style (crazy noises, very weird treatment). It's more accessible than their debut "Ufo" (a kind of pre- TRHOBBING GRISTLE) and more exciting than they made later (they've turned to jazz rock). One track appeared in my "Krautrock for beginners 4".
You'll find the entire album here (thanks to De Musica Alterque).

DZYAN's "Electric Silence" is a very strange experience, hard to describe in english. It's one those crazy and exciting albums that krautrock bands were capable of, mixing eastern influences with space rock, jazz with experimental noises. As quoted on "Crack in the cosmic" boo, "ELECTRIC SILENCE was even more out on a limb, bringing weird avant-garde elements together with jazz, rock and various ethnic musics; all together in an extreme melting pot of styles, ideas and fertile imagination. Running from free-jazz through medieval cum raga-rock (cf. Third Ear Band) and intense rock improvisation it is indeed one of the landmarks in experimental rock".
A must have you can get here.
If you like it, try the first 2 albums, even if they are more jazz-oriented (thanks to De Musica Alterque).
S/T here
Time Machine here

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