lundi, avril 02, 2007

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, Live in Nantes, France, 2.12.1992

From the SOUND DESK, recorded on tape (very good sound quality, but some tracks are cut)
Track list :
1. City of needles
2. Ghosts of unborn children
3. Stichting time
4. Evolution
5. Wild life estate
6 Zero zero
7 Encore une fois
8 Maniac
9 Windows on the world
10 We bring the day (short version)
11 Poppy Day
12 Just a lifetime
13 The death of Jack the Ripper
14 Disturbance

Every one who is interested in psych music (and bizarre electronic music, as they are a kind of krautrock band in the 80s/90s) should absolutely know this crazy band; there are considered an underground classic now, but never gained an international success. Maybe because they have produced too much - we're lost in the jungle of their albums (how many? 50? a lot more, if the side projects are included?). Maybe because they were associated to gothic rock, what obviously they were not!
This live recording is from their "Malachai" tour, one of their best period in my opinion, they were at a peak in creativity as you may here in the psychedelic tunes "City of needles" or "Evolution", and made some really moving songs ("Ghosts of unborn children", Poppy Day"). So... try it and enjoy.

I split it in 2 PARTS (duration : 90') :
1st part here
2nd part here

At last, a message to their fans : I have a video from this performance, recorded on VHS. If someone wants it, tell me how I can put it in the computer and make RAR files, I know nothing about video! Thanks!

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Anonyme a dit…

Milles mercis Tonton, je l'ai en k7 audio c'est un excellent concert !
Désolé ripper vhs :(((( ??

Great show from my most loved band in this universe :))

Anonyme a dit…

mais je l'ai vu ce concert!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Please if you can find a way to transfer the video - I would love to see this! Please put it on youtube. I played in the band at this time - thank you! Ryan