mardi, avril 03, 2007

SOME GOOD COVERS, vol.2 (special french edition)

For this occasion, a selection of pretty good french pop tracks, some of which have gained an international success (but much of them are local hits only. Try them!)
1/9 : Rectangle - 2001 version by JACNO, original JACNO (1982?)
2/10 : Joe le Taxi - cover by HANAYO, original VANESSA PARADIS
3/11 : 3è Sexe - cover by MISS KITTIN, original INDOCHINE
4/12 : Nouvelle Vague - cover by STEREO TOTAL, original RICHARD ANTHONY
5/13 : Une histoire de plage - cover by SONOKO, original BRIGITTE BARDOT
6/14 : Les amours perdues - cover by ELYSIAN FIELDS, original SERGE GAINSBOURG
7/15 : Tes états d'âme Eric - live cover by SEBASTIEN TELLIER, original LUNA PARKER
8/16 : Jet'm - cover by EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN, original (Je t'aime... moi non plus) by SERGE GAINSBOURG & JANE BIRKIN

Try this selection here

NB :
- "3è sexe" by MISS KITTIN begins in a rude cut, it's the only version I've found.
- STEREO TOTAL, as you may know, made dozens of covers, almost all of them are recommended.
- The real original version of "Je t'aime..." is by SERGE GAINSBOURG & BRIGITTE BARDOT, but I prefer this one.

NB2 : COMMENTS PLEASE, if someone is interested and listen to these "covers" compilation; it's a lot of work for me, 3 or 4 more selections are ready, but OF COURSE IF NO ONE IS INTERESTED I STOP. Thanks.

3 commentaires:

armeur H a dit…

I am interested but the first file is deleted ("complaint recieve) !

armeur H a dit…

je me permet d'insister. La compil des 'french covers' ne peut plus être télécharger sur Rabbitshare. Y a t il un moyen pour l'avoir à nouveau ?

Bondurant2001 a dit…

Dommage que c'est plus dispo, mon HD crashé disposait de ces merveilles !