lundi, avril 02, 2007


TrackList :
1/9 : Kathleen - cover by TINDERSTICKS, original TOWNES VAN ZANDT
2/10 : Ziggy Stardust - cover by BAUHAUS, original DAVID BOWIE
3/11 : I started a joke - cover by LOW, original BEE GEES
4/12 : Hells Bells - cover DANDY WARHOLS, original AC/DC
5/13 : Angel - cover by CHRISTIAN DEATH, original JIMMI HENDRIX
6/14 : Don't talk - cover by FENNESZ, original BEACH BOYS
7/15 : These foolish things - cover by BRYAN FERRY, original FRANCK SINATRA
8/16 : I've been losing you - cover by RE-MODEL (myself), original A-HA

Comments :
Of course many of these songs and the cover versions you may know, but I couldn't help assembling them in a single list. There may be between 5 and 10 of these compilations if you like this. I'll put in some of them my own home made covers, recorded and mixed on GarageBand, sung by my dear friend Ketty. Don't hesitate to comment it, even if you find it awful.

This 1st compilation here

Thanks for your comments, they can help.

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