mardi, septembre 11, 2007

CHRISTIAN DEATH, All the love / All the hate (1989)

Nothing special to say about this double concept album, written, composed and played by Valor almost alone (the other members left just before). Indeed, you may feel that it's typically a studio album, that there's not a whole band playing the music.
It's also the first try of Valor in "heavy metal", particularly in "All the hate" (as you guess, "All the love" is softer). Some good tracks are not enough to save this rather bad double-album. For fans only - download it here :

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Barmaleyy a dit…

can't connect with you -

Anonyme a dit…

It may be because i was 15 when i got this, and my tastes hadn't matured yet, but i really like the songs on All the Love. Have been looking for this, so i thank you.