mercredi, septembre 26, 2007

KOSMOS S/T E.P + PHILUS Kolmio EP (1996 / 1998, electronica)

2 vinyl EP rips.
KOSMOS is Mika Vainio+Jimi Tenor. An interesting mixture of their musical worlds : minimalist and rather cosmic. Not a must have, but a surprising and refreshing LP.
PHILUS is one of the many side projects by PAN SONIC's Mika Vainio. Minimalist techno with some really good hypnotic ideas. A CD was released later, it was more experimental and non-rythmic. So begin with this EP. Sorry, my vinyl is slightly dammaged, you"ll hear it.
Download these 2 EPs here.

If you don't read french again, you may not have noticed that I've uploaded here the good but maybe too "cold " performance by PAN SONIC in Paris last week here (Paris, Nouveau Casino, 22.9.2007).

I performed before them as PUZZLE KIT, the curious will find here the audience recording, and there line mix. I define my live music as "psych electronics", somewhere between synth music, industrial sounds and drones, but describe it as you want. I only use anallog synthetizers : Korg MS20 and Polysix, Roland SH5 and JX-3P, Sequential Circuits SixTrak. Almost nothing is programmed. In my opinion it's funniest to feel that everything is played live, when you don't only puch buttons on a rythm box or a laptop. So there are mistakes too! You'll tell me.

Thanks for your attention and support!

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Peter Tron a dit…

I've yet to listen to your recording of the event.

I'll get back to you soon when i've listened to it.



Anonyme a dit…

Can you re-upload those 2
thanks in advance!

great blog btw, thanks for all your efforts :)