mercredi, septembre 05, 2007

CHRISTIAN DEATH, Atrocities (1986, death rock)

First C.D's album composed by Valor after Rozz Williams left the band, "Atrocities" can be considered the best album they made, to compare with their debut and all time classic "Only theatre of pain" (but in a different and much more various style). Furious distorted guitars, dark or sweet ballads, you'll find many things to be satisfied with in the recording. Thus, what a pity the typically 80s production is not better on some tracks, where (I find) the snare drums are much too loud!
Find this dark classic album here.

NB : if I share this one, it's partly because of the awful artwork Cleopatra made for the re-edition, it's a shame (why do they change the artwork???). The original one was another thing! More information on their complete discography here.

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