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All the Paris events are recorded by myself - variable quality.
No new recording here, it's only a compilation of the live performances I've posted from almost a year now.

PAN SONIC Paris Le Garage, 26.6.1998 - extraordinary performance.

PAN SONIC, Unknown live 1999

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Live at Gladtree Festival, Amherst 9.4.2004

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Live at Fernwood, 20.5.2005

BROADCAST, Paris Café de la danse, 29.9.2003 - quality ok, not so interesting in my opinion.

TURZI, Paris Point FMR, 21.3.2006 - excellent show, not recorded from the beginning - krautrock for everyone!

TURZI, Live Paris Boule Noire, 28.6.2007 - excellent too, but check the previous one before

ELYSIAN FIELDS, Paris Café de la Danse 3.5.2006 - rather good but a little boring on the long run.

ADD N TO (X), Paris Nouveau Casino, 25.10.2002 - last show in Paris before the band split, Ann Shenton had left.

STEREOLAB, Paris Trabendo, 17.3.2004 - very good show.

DANDY WARHOLS, Live Paris Locomotive 28.10.2005 - music is ok but the sound is not realy good.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, Paris La Cigale, 26.6.2006 - same comment.

MELLOW, Paris Café de la Danse, 3.2.2004 - really good retro-pop, good recording conditions.

BEN'S SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA, Paris Pop'In, 17.12.2004 - extraordinary retro-pop, but really bad sound!! What a pity the audience was so noisy! DEAD LINK - I try to fix soon.

SEBASTIEN TELLIER, Paris New Morning 20.1.2004 - best of the 3 recordings here - if you do not know this melancolic pop / folk / vintage electronic music, download it!

SEBASTIEN TELLIER, Live Paris New Morning 29.4.2004

SEBASTIEN TELLIER, Live Paris Café de la danse 6.6.2006 - with a different band, interesting to compare with the 2 other recordings.

DAVIDE BALULA, Paris, Café de la Danse, 29.9.2003 - one of my best picks, fabulous minimalist folk + slight electronic device - if you're in FENNESZ and / or COCOROSIE you have to try it, very good recording conditions.

CHRISTIAN FENNESZ Paris, Nouveau Casino, 17.12.2001 / Paris, La Villette, 22.9.2004 - each FENNESZ live show is like a new album, except "Nouveau Casino" with tracks from "Endless Summer".

FENNESZ + PATTON, Live Paris Trabendo, 8.6.2007 same comment, very good recording - too short.

FENNESZ / TIM HECKER, Live in Nanterre, Maison de la musique, France - 1.6.2007 - 2 separate performances.

SPARKLEHORSE+FENNESZ, Paris Café de la danse, 9.9.2003 - an interesting mix of their different music.

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Live in Nantes, Le Floride, France, 2.12.1992 1st part and 2nd part - from the desk.

FAUST, Paris Nouveau Casino 7.11.2006 - not recorded from the begining. Not really interesting to listen to at home.

COMETS ON FIRE, live Paris Point Ephemere, 23.5.2007

COMETS ON FIRE, "Bon Voyage" live

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, Paris Batofar, 30.11.2002 - not so extraordinary as we could think.

SISTER IODINE Paris Blues du Nord, 26.3.1991 historical interest only for fans of the band.

SISTER IODINE St Malo 27.11.1994 - very good quality, a very good performance influenced by the weirdest SONITH YOUTH.

SISTER IODINE Paris Le Garage, 2.1997 (Q : 3/5 - ici ré enregistré, qualité plus fine) - good too, nothing in common, in 3 years their music has considerably changed - influenced by JIM O'ROURKE of the same area (maybe...)

SISTER IODINE Paris Mutualité, 8.2.1999 - historical interest only, no rock'n roll instruments any more here, just computers! DEAD LINK - I try to fix soon.

SISTER IODINE Paris Maroquinerie, 20.6.2005 - back to weird rock. rather good.

SISTER IODINE Paris Point Ephémère, 2.11.2006 - back to waeurd rock - much better.

NURSE WITH WOUND, live Paris Trabendo 8.6.2007 - good quality - first show in France ever.

EARTH, Paris Point Ephémère, 17.2.2006 - good quality, but they've released quite the same thing since this recording, with "Hibernaculum". Still really intersting!

SUNN O))) Paris, Point Ephémère, 17.2.2006 - extraordinary live show, but problem with my mic around half the recording (no battery any more, the quality in sound changes - but it's ok).

SUNN O))) Paris, Nouveau Casino, 7.4.2005 - really good too, though not so varied.

WHITEHOUSE, Paris Nouveau Casino 11.12.2003 - fabulous industrial show - but you should have been there!

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Lope de Aguirre a dit…

Thanks for another great Brian Jonestown gig!

armeur H a dit…

wouf ! ça en fait de la taille !

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot Mahood. Unfortunetely, the link for the unrecognized but fabulous Ben's Symphonic Orchestra is not available any longer. I do hope not be the only one to claim for getting its performance at Pop'In again. Otherwise, I am afraid that there is a pb regarding the link for Sister Iodine's performance at Mutualité on 99'. Please advise.
Take care and.. see you on Saturday at Nouveau Casino !

Anonyme a dit…

A priori, j'arrive trop tard pour l'enregistrement du concert de NWW. :-(

terminaltoy a dit…

Mahood, I've just disovered your blog in the last few days. Excellent work and a tip of the steel helmet from Berlin! I'm having fun with your recordings!

Anonyme a dit…

Some infos for those who'd like to know:

1. Pendulum - 4.18
2. Man Is Not a Bird - 3.41
3. Where Youth And Laughter Go (-> 2.58)/Minim - 5.55
4. Come On Let's Go - 3.24
5. One Hour Empire (-> 1.40)/Winter Now - 4.58
6. Still Feels Like Tears - 5.07
7. Ominous Cloud - 5.13
8. The Book Lovers - 4.14
9. Instrumental - 4.00
10. Illumination - 5.42
11. Sixty Forty - 5.16
12. Unchanging Window - 6.41
13. Instrumental - 9.26
14. Living Room - 3.29

Sure about the date? IThere are two dates given - I think it should be 09-29-2003


mahood a dit…

Thanks to mike floyd for BROADCAST tracklist.
And, yes you're right, it's definitly 29.9.2003!
I'm sorry to answer so late.

And I soon as I can I re-post NWW, BEN'S SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA and maybe SISTERIODINE (Mutualité, even it's in not really interesting...).

idrejected a dit…

cool pour le tellier au new morning mais la pièce #7 est manquante. ???