lundi, octobre 01, 2007

FAKESH / ESTERMANN Beta EP + DE LUCA M.A.S EP (electronica)

2 EP rips.
In 98 / 2000 I really loved FUNKSTORUNG, whose "Disctruction" seemed for me to sound as a real "electro-pop revolution", as a melodic adaptation of the abstract world of AUTECHRE. At this time I bought these two EPs, that contain some of their best work, each member of the band by his side.
"Beta" is a collaborative picture disc EP between André Estermann and Michael Fakesch (from FUNKSTORUNG). I don't know much about ESTERMANN, let's say that I confess I've discovered that he had his own side only when I've ripped the EP several days ago. Both sides are a really good examples of "breakbeat pop" with fine melodies, far from the last incarnation of FUNKSTORUNG (no rap here).
Same coment for the DE LUCA EP, that has nothing in common with his own album "Deadly with za disko" (I sell this one to anyone interested).
Find this 2 fine "abstract breakbeat" EPs here.
You'll have to wait for the artwork - I must take pictures of them.
Thanks for your comments.

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Anonyme a dit…

Actually, the "Fakesh / Estermann Split" is an EP by Aemic, which is actually a collaboration between the two artists rather than a split, and the name of the EP is "Beta". If you don't know much about Andre Estermann he's well worth seeking out. Look for the "Simstim EP" on Inzec records from 1997 and also the Cloinc CD called "Lonely Bits" which is another Estermann collaboration.