mardi, octobre 02, 2007

SIGNAL, Waves+Lines (1997)

End of my minimalist series - maybe I'll post more recordings later.
This EP's name is a pretty good description for the music, though this short CD contains tracks that are not as minimalist as NOTO's album (previously posted). Indeed, the first track sounds almost as a kind of minimalist BOARDS OF CANADA.
"Signal is Olaf Bender aka Byetone, Frank Bretschneider aka Komet, Carsten Nicolai aka Noto, all raster-noton core. This cd is not a fully official release and quite rare." (says
Download it here.

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toxicthree a dit…

I really wish you WOULD post some more minimal musics! I've really been getting into these... ;-) Thanks!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks, I just discovered this blog and it's awesome!!!

keep in good work!