mardi, octobre 23, 2007

VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA, Score + Philipp Schatz (1998?, avant-rock)

Nothing special to celebrate the 100.000 visitors since the beginning of this blog last year... I'm really sorry, no time to prepare anything. Thanks for your support, and be conscious I ALWAYS read your comments and try to follow what they say.

This time I share the first 2 albums by the german band VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA, a band that should have been much more reputed in a period when GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR met success. They share with them similar sounds and atmospheres, but their tracks are shorter, more various, and probably stronger (not as boring, symphonic and repetitive as GODSPEED).
"Score", is particularly good and sounds as a classic "avant-rock" album for me. You should begin with it before listening to "Philipp Schatz".
If you read AMG's review you'll see a 3rd album is mentionned. I don't have it, anyone maybe will share it..?

Thanks for your attention. Enjoy VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA's music here.

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Anonyme a dit…

question and big favor, can you re up some of these gems at higher bit rate?

TERRE THAEMLITZ, Soil (1995 - electronic soundscapes)


1TAU, Hikuioto

i'll stop here(for now) tnx!
great blog

mahood a dit…

but later.