jeudi, octobre 18, 2007

COLD SUN, Dark Shadows (1970, pop-psych)

Not an upload of my own, but as I've been listening almost only for this album for one week I wanted to share it with friends of my blog (about this, thanks for the encouraging words by Leon).
I really know nothing about the band, to my ears it sounds like a weird mix of retro-pop-psychedelia, with magnificent rhodes (probably) lines and fine guitar works. An album full of surprise, with beautiful melodies. Today I've listened to the 1st track a dozen times, I hope you'll do the same! The only problem maybe : most songs seem to sound the same at first glance. But be patient!
Download it on BLACK ACID.
And what about a cover of this track!? Well, maybe I'll try for fun next week.
About covers : I will post in the next weeks a AMON DUUL 2 cover and a SAND cover I made this year - remember I'm a huge fan of kraut, I could spend years covering all my favourite tunes!

2 commentaires:

Samhob a dit…

Thanks for that release, one of the greatest psychedelic pop album ever ;-)

You Know Who... a dit…

Sorry, man, but the dreadful, karaoke/Rock Band-type singing hurt me physically on this one.