mercredi, décembre 12, 2007

ALAIN GORAGUER, La Planète Sauvage (1973, psych pop)

One of my best posts. This is the soundtrack that strongly influenced AIR for "the virgin suicides" - some tracks sound almost the same. It's one of my favourite 70s albums, among some krautrock classics like AGITATION FREE's "Malesh" or IKARUS (sorry for my permanent references to krautrock).The film is an extraordinary and typical psychedelic object from the 70s area, that everyone interested in this culture should have seen - I've seen it maybe 40 times.
You can download the album here, but please, try to buy the soundtrack or the film ("Fantastic Planet" is the english title), it's easy to find on the web.

IMPORTANT : in addition to the CD, I've put some additional music in this file :
> 2 tracks from the film that don't appear on the CD (see excerpt below)
> 1 folk song from the weird film "A TRAVERS LA FORET", directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac. I don't know the composer, but this song is probably my favourite folk song, though it is very short and simple. In the film, it appears in a magical moment, when the dead boyfriend deeply loved by the girl appears in a dream in her bed. See the trailer here.
> 1 excerpt from Wong Kar Wai's "ASHES OF TIME" (his best film), a moving moment where the actress explains (more or less) that the man she loves has never noticed her. Certainly cheesy but absolutely romantic.

See a clip from LA PLANETE SAUVAGE (containing one of the "additional tracks" of my post :

and here's is the clip from ASHES OF TIME where your find the sound sequence I've pickep up (on minute 7) :

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Anonyme a dit…

YES!! I have this DVD, (great movie) and I was waiting for the soundrtack to come up on the bloggers roll. For this soundtrack is so good! funky yet weird! great stuff with some samples as well (quasimodo)... Thanks

Anonyme a dit…

Can you post the Wong-Kar and the JP tracks separtaly? I have the Planete Sauvage LP but would like to hear the other 2 tracks without having to DL the whole LP.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks heaps for this. I've always loved this movie and always wanted to get the soundtrack. The theme has been haunting me ever since I was a kid.

Peteykins a dit…

I have the DVD, too. I've never been overly wild about the film; I just don't care for its visual style much. I love the soundtrack, though, so I really appreciate this.

El Limbo von Punsch a dit…

Merci !
Il y a bien longtemps que je n'ai pas vu le film...

Anonyme a dit…

Great soundtrack, great film. Thanks!

nono a dit…

Great thanks! been looking for this in long stretch of time.. had a deep impression on me when i first saw it on vhs in the 80's . happy to see it on dvd :)

Alain a dit…

"La planète sauvage",c'est un souvenir ancré très profondément dans mon enfance. Et Roland Topor est un génie. Merci pour ce post.

Cryogenic a dit…

I haven't seen this movie for a long, long time. God Bless USA's Night Flight, or I would have never seen it at all.
Cool blog. Thanks so much!

Anonyme a dit…

massive thanks for posting this along with the extra track. i bought the re-press lp so i am very pleased that i discovered your blog and can now listen to this album without having to record it. saves me some time and allows a moment to give thanks to you too.

great music in every post. your blog rocks!

sir H

Alex B a dit…

Good disc, but a typical soundtrack: too much "cinematic" ( the music asks for images). And several moments sounds like a vintage soundtrack of a vintage film. Very beautiful.

Anonyme a dit…

The link is dead! Please repost, this seems really difficult to get a hold of.

Anonyme a dit…

salut tonton!
let me sleep in your bed
music de julien fargo, chantée par l'actrice camille béthonier
aurais-tu d'autres bouts de la bo?!
le couple en aurait fait 3 pour ce film, tout ca bien discret sur le net...


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