vendredi, décembre 07, 2007

MINA, Kryptonite (1999, electro-pop)

160kbps, on MassMirror.
1st album - you are maybe one of the 43 persons who were lucky to download "A to B", available further on this blog.
Honnestly, I don't have listened much to this album, I had lost it, and have just found it out. It seems to sound more "funky" than their 2nd, same sound, but probably weaker melodies. But consider it's a "must have" in those rainy days (in France, I don't know elsewhere) to have a nice week-end.
For your pleasure, download it here.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hey thanks, cool blog! I found some E.A.R. stuff here that I didn't have yet. Do they have a new one out, or is that Spectrum?

mahood a dit…

A new one? There's E.A.R's "Worn to a shadow", released several months ago. Not their best. More info on

Anonyme a dit…

thank you for posting this all. you've opened a new music world for me. i'm very grateful. i'm almost sure you know him, but if not - check out Koji Asano.
cheers for your good job!

Amor Livrônico a dit…

Great blog I enjoyed rreading