mardi, décembre 04, 2007

MINA, A to B (2001, synth pop)

I've seen MINA playing on stage just before STEREO TOTAL in their 2001 tour in Paris - they also share the same record label, Bungalow. Very interesting live, as their "synth pop" is actually played live, with rock instruments : drums, guitar, nass guitar, an old Roland RS2 organ, nothing more (no vocal). Please listen to the album more than once, it takes several times to appreciate it entirely. It's very well composed, with excellent melodies.
I think it's probably their 2nd album, if you want I can share their first (not so good as this one).
Please try it here (and leave a comment if you like it - I confess I'm not far from abandonning this blog - not sure anyone is interested enough).

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Anonyme a dit…

Please don't quit, I'm a regular reader and you've really turned me on to a lot here (I didn't even know Pan Sonic had side projects)!

I like this!

Anonyme a dit…

Just want to thank you for your great shares. You gave me insight to some incredible music. Don't abandon this blog please, you would be dearly missed!

Anonyme a dit…

Could you mention what bitrate the mp3s are? That would be great - to my ears, mp3s under 192kbps sound very bad, and I don't want to waste my rapidshare quota downloading something that I am going to delete without listening to it.

Thank you!

mahood a dit…

So bad? I confess that I've never heard big difference between 128, 193 or 320, or even CDs... Maybe my Hi-Fi system is too weak, or on the contrary too good, to hear that.
To be honest there are 3 main reasons why I don't post high bitrate mp3s :
1. I don't want to split albums in 2 rapidshare upload (too long for me, too many limits for you)
2. most albums are 128kbps in my hard drive, in order to have more music in my iPod... As simple as that!
3. some upload can be considered as promotion in order to make you buy some albums. You've probably noticed that I conciously upload at a low rate albums you can easily find on the web or in your record shop.
But, ok, I'll mention the bitrate next times.
Thanks for your encouraging support.

Anonyme a dit…

i am adding up to the list of people who are AGAINST your plans to leave us without your superb blog. you broaden our soundscapes, please remember this. i keep comming here nearly each day. not that i like everything, but, oh, there's so much to explore. thank u for your precious work!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour cette découverte. Sympa

gerireig a dit…

first-timer here. You're doing great work. Yes, we appreciate you!

Anonyme a dit…

are ou crazy?
do not give up!

you have an entire italian army of cdr rebel!

keep on mister wonderful!

Bill Mountain a dit…

Maybe you have given up as two years have passed, but i found your blog via looking for info on MINA, have a listen in 09 on spotify, it's great!

Gack Flores a dit…

Hey man, please re upload this Mina album, it will be appreciated, this band was fucking great!

Thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Please re-upload both albums. can't find them elsewhere on the net. thank you!