mercredi, mars 05, 2008

CURRENT 93 (1997, drone / ambient)

Having uploaded the album, I realize that i've already posted it last year - with comments in french.
But, what an outstanding album, I love it!! In my opinion it's the best music produced by the Tibet / Stapleton team, though it sounds much more like the ambient NURSE WITH WOUND than CURRENT 93.
It consists in one long floating ambient tone / drone, divided in 4 parts - only the first one, with its low analog frequencies loop, is a little boring, you'll probably skip this track.
And from the 2nd track to the end, it's nothing less an extraordinary journey in floating sounds : you'll hear analog synths, some kind of flute, bells, voices (and some spoken words by Tibet).
I don't understand why such an album was first issued in a very limited edition of 1000 (sold with a book by Ligetti). It was re-edited in 2002 without the book, you can still buy it here (more than 100 euros on Amazon!).
Before this, download it here (192kbps).

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