lundi, mars 17, 2008

PSYCHE, Tales from the darkside (1987, dark vintage electronics)

Released in 1990, this compilation CD is a collection of early songs of this rather mediocre electro new wave band from the 90s, recorded between 1982 and 1987. Actually a very good surprise, it could be described as the gap between early CABARET VOLTAIRE and (very dark side of) early JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, at least on some tracks. Sometimes it sounds distorted and really industrial with scary voices, sometimes it's just good old synth music from the 80s (sounding as if it had been recored it 79). "Another billion eyes" or "a threat" are the highlights of the album, begin with these 2 tracks. Those who, like me, are fascinated by the old japanese machinery (Korg / Roland synths and rythm box) will certainly love this.
Don't be scared and download it here (ripped at 192kbps).

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