vendredi, mars 21, 2008

DAVID SHEA, The Tower of Mirrors (1996, electronic soundscapes)

One of the best albums DAVID SHEA made in my opinion. It's the typical "electronic soundscapes" SHEA, SCANNER and some others were producing between 1995 and 2000. Honestly, I have not kept on buying them, the best things seemed to have been produced in their early years, but I may be wrong.
For those who don't know him, it's an "electronic journey", with collage and sounds produced from various sources, from ethnic / fields recordings to basic electronica. This one is probably the most ambient album he produced. It can be compared to a score for an imaginary film.
Try it here (ripped at 192kbps).

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Anonyme a dit…

great record. when i got i've been listening to it for many months, always hearing new things. it's probably shea's most accessible, one endless stream - an acoustic movie, like you said. his debut 'shock corridor' had a tighter collage concept, very much reminding me of zorn's mid 80's cinemascopic works like spillane and godard. i followed shea till the end 90's, then lost track somehow.

thanks for pulling this out of yr hat.

Anonyme a dit…

If you have more, I would love to hear whatever you feel like sharing.
Thanks from me too.

Anonyme a dit…

mmm... He has made a "Mort Aux Vaches" too...

Décidement, tu nous gâte, je garde l'adresse et je repasserai de temps en temps... continue à nous faire découvrir. Merci TonTon.

Anonyme a dit…

i have a bunch of shea's early works, including the 'mort aux vaches' session - if it fits into the concept, i might post it on my blog.


mahood a dit…

YES, please post the MORT AUX VACHES, I've only an MD recorded from a tape recorded from the CD.
I will post SATYRICON and probably not another one.

Anonyme a dit…

mahood - that's a deal!! i mean: i've been looking for 'satyricon' for AGES, but never found it. this is like a wonderful ping-pong game - you post something i like, and vice versa! :D

see you soon!

Anonyme a dit…

Tonton, Massmirror m'a l'air en vrac. As-tu la possibilité de reposter cet alléchant ouvrage sur un autre site ?
Merci d'avance !