mardi, avril 17, 2007

DEUTER, first 2 albums (1971/72, ambiant krautrock)

Very good debut album from Georg DEUTER, made in his in home studio (rare at this time), and his second, "Aum", is even better and is one of my favorite krautrock albums (I'll make a top 20 list, I hope you'll make yours).
From the Crack in the Cosmic Egg encyclopedia : "Deuter was amongst the earliest of multi-instrumental soloists in Germany. Because of his talent for always embracing new musical forms, and especially combining the new and the old, Deuter was always at the pioneering forefront in new musical forms (...) With an instrumentation including guitars, sitar, organ, harmonium, Asian and Oriental percussives, etc., his debut "D" was a mixture of psychedelic underground rock (hinting at early Amon Düül II), cosmic music (akin to Klaus Schulze) and ethnic fusion (Between and Popol Vuh realms), though not all at the same time, but in varying quantities, being constantly an album of surprises. AUM contrasted somewhat, in that much of the rock aspect was dropped, in favour of atmosphere, being a more mysterious collage of shorter pieces, with lots of percussion, sound effects and echo-guitar. Sometimes akin to Achim Reichel, it had a magical quality, balancing melodic and more experimental musics.

Find "D" here and "AUM" there


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twee4one a dit…

I believe it's quite useless to comment here in this blog, because nobody take notice of it.

I (and others) have told you that the "Sand" post had some errors, missing tracks etc. No reaction, nothing happened .... Have solved the problem otherwise.

No further comments from me here ....

mahood a dit…

Sorry Arf, I've posted the Sand demoes again, then I was in holidays (can I?) but I had not noticed that it still don't work. I post it again today. More precisely, in the version you can download now, there's one track missing, Helicopter.
On the contrary, it's normal if you don't find in the files all the tracks of the original CDs, as my goal was to offer only the original album and the original demoes, not to make any confusion with other works.
If you want them I can share them separately of course.
Do you share anything on a blog? If so, you should know that it's a lot of work... so please be patient.

kingpossum a dit…

Thank you mahood for the Deuter post! I was unaware of this artist until your post. Bless you, there are intriguing sounds here and you've brought light to another deserving artist.


Anonyme a dit…

Deuter's great! New to problem though, zip for "Aum" keeps arriving corrupted somehow & can't extract track #11...any chance a reload? Ta!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you. Same problem with track 11 here.

Anonyme a dit…

another great shot!

one in two!

you are exsausting my CDR army!

arf my dog SHIVA like it!
only music he can like when in room with me!

keep on mahood!


fuzztunnel a dit…

Much thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

Wonderful post! It's good for a brand-new blogger such as me personally.