mercredi, septembre 12, 2007

PAN SONIC, Live 1999

Once more, it's related to their live performance coming soon in Paris, where I support my favourite electronic band - how lucky I am.
This live performance recorded in good conditions in 1999 comes from the Napster period, I don't remember precisely when and where it was recorded. Very powerful stuff here! For those who don't know PAN SONIC well, don't forget all the music you hear is played absolutely live, there are no laptop nor sampler (well, maybe a sampler, but I'm not sure), each live performance is different from the previous they made.
Even if it won't be enough to wait for their live show in your town, you can download this one here.
And don't forget to buy their incredible new album, on Amazon (here in french) or in your favorite records store.

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Peter Tron a dit…

live pan sonic..excellent post!