mercredi, mars 12, 2008

SILVER APPLES, live Paris Nouveau Casino 6.3.2008

Only live performance in France by this classic "minimalist psych rock" band (actually, leader Simeon alone with his sound and wave generators) for its come-back.
A good example of "psych-pop experimentation" : it sounds like pop, it's sung and there are some melodies, but Simeon uses all this electronic trickery that could have been much more experimental and reminds me SUICIDE (but in a funny version).
Of course, there wasn't much to see : just this cool old guy with his samples and wave generators. But that was fun!
Recorded with my own mic and MiniDisc, the sound is ok for a bootleg, and ripped at 192kbps.
Download it here, and don't forget the 2 albums have been beautifully re-edited - on Amazon for instance.

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Anonyme a dit…

salut Tonton! et bravo pour ce blog, "tete de liste" de mes favoris depuis un moment deja.. qu'en est il du concert de Zombie Zombie? l'aurais tu immortalisé??
En te remerciant encore..

mahood a dit…

J'ai le live de Zombie Zombie pour qui veut, mais y'a du boulot dessus sans doute (j'aime enlever les applaudissements qui foutent l'écoute domestique en l'air). Mettons que j'y travaille dans la dizaine à venir, mais j'ai trouvé les titres longs et répétitifs, d'où l'abstinence à le mettre en ligne.
Par ailleurs vu le niveau exceptionnel d'une partie des blogs musicaux, ton éloge est flatteur, merci.

Anonyme a dit…

I saw Silver Apples about a dozen times in New York City.
thank you!

litlgrey a dit…

Simeon's my hero. I adore that guy.

It's a shame you cut out all his on-stage babblings between tracks, because he really is a howl.

Anonyme a dit…

a more or less accurate track listing?
1. Misty Mountain
2. Lovefingers
3. I Don't Care What the People Say
4. You and I
5. I Found A Purple Lady In The Ukulele Bush
6. I Don't Know
7. Gypsy Heart
8. A Pox On You
9. Noodle
10. Oscillations
11. Noodle Part 2
12. Whirly Bird
13. I Have Known Love
Silver Apples Scheduled to play New York City June 24th 2008 can't find any other dates yet