mardi, juin 03, 2008


Let's be honest : I don't have many "favourite rare albums" or recordings any more in my library. So I wonder if it's worth keep on posting things; I could post things that are not my "favourite" albums, but it's not the purpose.
Before closing the blog, I may post my "favourite albums found on the web" - but nothing new for those who, like I do, spend time on those blogs that share so many incredible albums. It would be especially a selection of kraut and psych music.
It's just an announcement, I may change my mind, who knows.
Oh, at last, I'll try to post some of my music, things I'm proud of.
Thanks for your support.

2 commentaires:

jp a dit…

ce blog a été une mine d'or pleine de decouvertes enrichissantes.
un immense merci!

Anonyme a dit…

Another one of my favourite blogs closes down… oh world, how cruel thou are…