jeudi, juin 12, 2008

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, my selection for beginners (psych folk, 1998 / 2008)

What a shame... I couldn't help sharing some SIX ORGANS original tracks from albums YOU MUST BUY. I have not seleted the longest / "dronest" tracks, some of which are what SIX ORGANS does the best, it may be another post later. Ben Chasney is the most inspired musican I know and listen to nowdays, I could listen to his albums 24 h a day. Moving, spacey, deep etc... Incredibly inspired!! If you don't know this you have to try.

Tracklist :
From 6 ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE : Shadow of a dune /Race for Vishnu / Don't be afraid
From DUST & CHIMES : Blue sun chiming / Dance among the waiting
From DARK NOONTIDE : Spirits abandoned / Regeneration / On returning home
From COMPATHIA : Wind in my palm (best folk song ever?) / Gone astray / Hum a silent prayer
From SCHOOL OF THE FLOWER : Eight cognition / All you've left /Words for two
From SHELTER FROM THE ASH : Strangled road.

In my opinion the first albums you should buy are the self titled and "Dark Noontide".

Ok, now you can download this selection ripped at 128kbps only here.

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