mercredi, juin 25, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#19 : HARMONIA, Tracks and traces (1976)

It's the second time I post this album.
I'm not sure it's been released at the time it was recorded in 1976, though it's been played and composed by famous inventors of electronic music Brian ENO + NEU and CLUSTER 3 members - the 3 who have recorded 2 albums under the name HARMONIA before this one.
In my opinion, "Tracks and Traces" offers the best music made in the CLUSTER / ENO / HARMONIA galaxy; it's somewhere between CLUSTER's "Zuckerzeit" and ENO's "Another green world", but with longer and deeper tracks. Curiously, it hasn't much in common with the more rythm based two other (and over rated) albums recorded by HARMONIA.
If you missed it in my previous post, here it is again.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

oh damn

that was goooodd!

and who knew KNEW I SAY ! about that!

whooo space music ...what a collaboration music 1976 !
i was not even born!

keep on mr mahood!


Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this rare gem. Nice overview of Krautrock on this blog and some stuff I never heard before.

Anonyme a dit…

quelle galaxie luxuriante ce (votre) blog, aussi planant que les sommets du rock du même nom ; l'allusion à another green world m'empêche de résister
merci encore