mercredi, juin 25, 2008


One long track on each side, it's this perfect archetype and one of the best examples of krautrock in its "foundations". The band at this time was a "power trio" like GURU GURU, but it's interesting to hear how different the music is. Basically, it's true space rock (though it's more "space" than "rock"), based on improvisations, in structures that could remind those recently heard with such bands as GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR (for the repetitiveness and crescendos), but of course in a different feel - I prefer ASH RA T. by far. B-side is particularly moving, played in floating minor chords on space-echoed guitar.
The original 33rpm gatefold was beautiful, if you find it in flee markets buy it!
Here is the album, ripped at 192kbps, like all the albums in this series.

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Jacob DeRaadt: Prints Drawings Collages a dit…

thanks so much for posting this gem of an album!

gojira a dit…

one of my favorites

Anonyme a dit…

Just found your impressive blog. very educational for myself. I have a few of these albums, including this one, which is incredible to me. Not downloading anything tonight- just a note of thanks for your blog.
Keep your chin up this is great!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour la musique!

-MoonBear en E.U.