lundi, juin 16, 2008


It's hard to explain in english why I love so much this area in music called "krautrock"; maybe because more than american or english bands, german bands from the 70s could play a music with no boundaries, influenced by their travels (for real or in dreams), their (often) high technical skills, maybe because they probably had a major conflict against the previous generation (don't forget their parents had potentially voted and supported Hitler) and wanted to break with the german tradition more than american , english or french young people did in their own country. It's amazing that the psychedelic revolution came 2 years (at least!) later in german music than in the US or in UK, but how stronger it came! I let you read Julian Cope's book about the origins of krautrock, he speaks better than me about it.

Ok, let's beginning this KrautRock top 50. At first, a warning for the completists : you won't find here anything rare nor things you could not find on specialized blogs like Mutant Sounds, Out of Focus etc... This selection is intended for the curious who read so often that their favourite band was influnced by krautrock (they are so many!), who may have tried CAN, NEU, KRAFTWERK of FAUST but who didn't have the means or the patience, to go further. It's the reason why I begin from the top of my selection, the more curious you are the further you go (I will post at least 50 albums, maybe more).

I've chosen 2 albums at the head ot this selection, the TECHNICAL SPACE COMPOSERS CREW's only album as the 1st one. Composed by CAN's bass player and producer Holger Czukay and Rolph Dammers, it has nothing to do in a "rock" selection, as it consists in 2 long ambient and tribal chants. Both sides, and especially the 2nd one, are absolutely moving, the musicians seem to have found the precise tones and vibes to create very deep emotions, for a very intimate emotion.

It's been previously posted on MUTANT SOUNDS at 192kbps, and the RapidShare link is still active. Find it here.

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Anonyme a dit…

an intriguing listen, kudos for posting it.. hararpa

Anonyme a dit…

And a big mercy again !!! A wonderful idea to post some KRAUTROCK ! All the best to you !!!

leibstandarte a dit…

Hi Again

I have got to the end of your top 50 having read every description and downloaded the ones that I liked the look of or that you seemed to enthuse over the most.

Having already listed to the guru guru and Wallenstein I am very excited to work my way thru the rest.

I only really know what you would call the basics of Krautrock which is why I can listen without predjudice which I will enjoy.

I was unable to download the Can album SAW from 1977 which I would like because I really like FLOW MOTION. So if you can re-up SAW that I would be grateful.

It will also be interested to listen to some more Nektar I have the album where they are all standing by a Bus in circus clothes which I really like.

I didnt see any Faust in your top 50. Are they German ?

You blog is very well put together and informative and your English is exceptional

Many thanks Stuart

Anonyme a dit…

thank you very much for this.

bobby blitz a dit…

Merci beaucoup for this amazing site. i came her to learn and i'm still here months later. Still learning!

trnrcrrll a dit…

been filling in the gaps in my collection with some of your top 50. thank you so much for posting these, i know i should buy this stuff but as a college student it means a lot to have access to good music without paying an arm and leg.