mardi, juin 17, 2008


Arrrghhh, this one could have been first of my selection. Back from Egypt, the band has brought back pictures and sounds they put in their groovy instrumental rock 1st album. Production is beautiful - very similar to what PINK FLOYD did with "Meddle"; guitar and organ leads and solos are really inspired. It's mostly improvisation, except some melodies that interfere sometimes, but it's never boring at all.
Like most albums in the top of this selection, I've already uploaded it several months ago. Nevertheless, here it is again for those who have missed it - the perfect album for a beginning in krautrock.
I can already tell that I won't put in my top 50 the other albums AGITATION FREE made, they are too jazz oriented for me. But "Last" is ok if you wish to go further with the band.

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Deep Sequence a dit…

I first heard Agitation Free here. I'd just like you to know that. One of the most amazing bands I've ever experienced. Thanks!