mercredi, août 06, 2008


At first, this seemed to be one of these jazz prog albums that the 70s produced by millions, and it was obviously not for me. But, listening more carefully, the sound reminded me "Malesh" by AGITATION FREE (and you know how I love it), there were really nice melodies and deep spacey moments, and in the 2nd part of the album, there is this "theme for James Marshall" that would become one of my favourite krautpop tune.
What a pity it's the only album IKARUS made, I'd like to know what they could have become later.
Once more, be patient with this one, listen to it carefully, and not once, forget the jazz prog clichés that appear sometimes, I think you won't be disappointed.
Download it here (192kbps).

3 commentaires:

Michael a dit…

You've consistently introduced me to fantastic music I would not hear otherwise-- thank you!

Harvey Dog a dit…

I agree with Michael...just when I think I know krautrock, I find another gem thanks to people like you. Thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanx a lot!