vendredi, août 08, 2008


To be honest, without the leader Stephan Kaske's voice, and without the ridiculous 1st track too, this 1st album the band recorded would have been much higher in my top list. It's really trippy, creative and dense krautrock here, with good melodies, ; it's built and sounds like a concept album (what it may be... about destruction of the earth by humanity?). You recognize all the things you like in bands such as AMON DÜÜL 2 or GILA : strong guitar / bass / drums basis, organs and synths effects for a more complex sound + flutes, congas etc..., with an eastern feel sometimes, and I really like the production.
Once more, the problem is the voice - the strong german accent makes it hard to forget, and it will be even worse in the next albums... Nevertheless, the 2nd one is strongly recommended and may appear later in this top albums selection.
Find MYTHOS 1st here (192 kbps)

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Anonyme a dit…

Though I'm german myself I have to agree concerning the voice and the "singing" style: it's absolutely shitty!
An instrumental version would heve been much more pleasing...


Anonyme a dit…

There's a review of "Grand Prix" by Mythos here.

Krzysztof Ryszard Wojciechowski a dit…

I love this LP one of my personal german fav's. Voice is gr8 for me. Sound like some cold wave vocalist colaborate with folk rock band:).