jeudi, août 28, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#38 : PATERNOSTER, Paternoster (1970)

The only album this really underground band made is quite a curiosity : it sounds like a gothic version of Pink Floyd (70/72 version) : the voice, tha sounds, the guitar treatments, the church-like organ chords. What a strange feeling! What a pity the compositions are not even better, sometimes you feel that it could have been a far better album.
Find this curiosity here.

PS : these days I meet many huge problems with my hard drive, I'm not sure I will be able to post anything in the next days... please be patient!

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Mak a dit…

i'm pretty sure that band's called Paternoster.

per aspera ad astra a dit…

Thank You for this. I have found something about this band:
PATERNOSTER was one of the few prog rock bands to emerge out of Austria, aside from EELA CRAIG and KYRIE ELEISON. They released their one and only album in 1972 on the CBS label. In 1991, a small German label called Ohrwaschl had reissued this on CD, but because the master tapes were lost, it was a direct from LP to CD recording. Don't let that scare you off, because the sound quality is great, and there only the occasional cracking.
PATERNOSTER was lead by organist/vocalist Franz Wippel. His singing is really peculiar, think of a depressed version of PROCOL HARUM's Gary Brooker with a Germanic accent and you get the picture how he sounds like. The rest of the band consisted of Gerhart Walenta on drums, Gerhard Walter on guitar and vocals, and Heimo Wisser on bass.
Musically they're an early '70s prog band with psychedelic leanings. Hammond organ is the only keyboard used, and the guitarist uses that late '60s psychedelic fuzz lead.

Franz Wippel was the group's sole composer and what a monster he created–seven tracks of organ-drenched prog with heavy psychedelic leanings. There's a definite krautrock feel in that it's both acidic and cosmic with a loads of atmosphere.

Track Listings :

1. Paternoster (3:56)
2. Realization (3:34)
3. Stop these lines (6:57)
4. Blind children (6:16)
5. Old Danube (4:16)
6. The Pope is wrong (6:02)
7. Mammoth Opus O (8:55)

Total Time: 39:56

Line-up/Musicians :
- Gerhart Walenta / drums
- Gerhard Walter / guitar, vocals
- Franz Wippel / organ, vocals
- Heimo Wisser / bass


Please go on with this KRAUTROCK...

Anonyme a dit…

Great Thanks! Enjoying your site. Krautrock LIVE ON!!

Anonyme a dit…

SUPER BLOG, bravo et merci pour ces découvertes

Michael a dit…

I'm listening to this right now- and I must say it is very cool!

Thanks once again, my friend...

kevinesse a dit…

my favorite of the series so far!!

Anonyme a dit…

One of the most excellent albums from 70's!!
Thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

Indeed this album it is very interesting. The singer is really notable, retarded voice like an early Daniel Jonston, and this is the real peculiarity of the band.

Not only to krautrock fans, this album can interest to a much wider audience, expecially who has goth-prog soul and enjoy weirdness.

Excellent, thanks a lot for the share!

Anonyme a dit…

Awesome album. Thanks for sharing.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this top 50 - some obscurities I did not know about, but that are mind-blowing!!! Many, many thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanx a lot!