jeudi, août 28, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#35 : NEU!, Neu 75 (1975)

One classic more and still nothing you for the usual rapidshare downloader... It could habe been NEU2, but since it's very similar to NEU's first album I've prefered to upload this one, that many consider the 1st "new-wave" album - it's probably true. Obviously it's the easiest album, as it contains some potential "hits".
Find it here.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Tonton!
I want you to check out my-so-far-not-so-interesting blog I'm working on for an almost complete list of krautrocksampler downloads. I wanted them to all be together in one spot! Many of the links are from your page! Feel free to repost this if you want. Thank you for your excellent blog! Recordconvention

Anonyme a dit…


Merci pour votre super boulot,
Amour & Plus-Value

Thank you for your great job,
Love & Adding Value

Alex B a dit…

Number 35? Ok, there are an universe of great, strange and fascinating music in krautuniverse, but 35 isn´t correct for this masterpiece:as Faust, is a real experimental music. Each track are too diferent from others, a real trip. After the etereal and cosmic leb´wohl comes the almost punk-rock of hero! What is this?!! Neu! forever!