dimanche, juin 10, 2007

FENNESZ / PATTON, Live Paris Trabendo, 8.6.2007

(photo form another show)
Wouch!! I almost don't know Mike Patton, but one week after a live performance you'll find below, Fennesz made once again something different, and I confess Patton made some incredible and powerfull things just with his voice and some simple effect device. A little too short maybe (35mn), but perfect!!
You'll find this performance here.
Reminder for another FENNESZ collaboration posted in this blog : FENNESZ with SPARKLEHORSE link is still active, and it's a very good performance too.

3 commentaires:

Peter Tron a dit…

fantastic stuff!



armeur H a dit…

We were in the same place Tonton ! I saw Mike Patton performing with John Zorn and it was powerfull and amazing ! Patton was the leader of Faith No More. Now he's one terrific voice of the avant-garde ! The live in Paris was short, perhaps because he was late and the NWW show needed to end at time... Thanks for the recording.

Anonyme a dit…

his voice is still perfect... the same sad... i listened to this album here: http://lavamus.com/Album/2442366/Mike_Patton/A_Perfect_Place__Ost_/mp3/