mardi, juin 05, 2007

MAIN, Ligature remixes (1996?, electronic soundscapes)

By request.
A good introduction to MAIN's world, with some tracks that can be regarded as transition from his previous band LOOP. It's MAIN remixed by : Paul Kendall, Paul Schütze, Jim O'Rourke, and MAIN itself.
But I still prefer other real MAIN albums.
Enjoy it here.
And : I'm still waiting for your "votes" to work on my "Mort aux Vaches" series - see below. I've forgotten one I have : MUSLIMGAUZE (a good one). Thanks for your contribution, special thanks to those who already signed.

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Peter Tron a dit…


Many thanks, I now nearly have them all.



Anonyme a dit…

Any chance on a re up the link is dead, thank you

Anonyme a dit…

any chance on a re up. the links are dead