mardi, juin 05, 2007

FENNESZ / TIM HECKER, Live in Nanterre, Maison de la musique, France - 1.6.2007

Two separate live performances. First PAN SONIC were planed before they cancel and were replaced by TIM HECKER.
I love TIM HECKER in studio, but I confess that it was a little boring on stage. On the contrary, I think the sound is good enough here to listen to it almost as a new lo-fi album, even if nothing here is really surprising for who knows his beautiful ambient laptop soundscapes. He played first.
Then, FENNESZ, once more, made a brand new live performance, I've seen him more than 10 times and each time it's different, and often outstanding. Here he plays guitar live and processes the sound with his laptop.
Try this here.

Other FENNESZ links are still ok, you'll find here :
1. Paris, Nouveau Casino, 17.12.2001
2. Paris, La Villette, 22.9.2004

If I look for it I may find older live performances but I'm not sure...

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the jazz pornographer a dit…

awesome, thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

fennesz live

fennesz + sparklehorse live

tim hecker live