jeudi, juin 14, 2007

PAN SONIC / CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE, Mort aux Vaches (drone, 2000)

Of historical interest only, and for the collectors.
Honestly, I'm an absolute fan of Pan Sonic since I saw them live in 1998, and I really like Palestine. But listen to this... It's never interesting in my opinion, just borring. A major deception to my ears.

But you wanted some Mort aux Vaches, so you'll have some.
This one here.

3 commentaires:

Adam Eleven a dit…

Thanks for this nice electronic share (and also your recent Fennesz/NWW concert recordings). I agree with you, this is "empty music" and quite boring. But anyway, any Palestine is always welcome.

Anonyme a dit…


oh strange, i like this recording very very much.
I like how the drone is starting with that hiss and the constant organtone fade in.
I feel this sound fit's in my room very well. I feel this because I like to listen to my old e-organ when fixing some keys with tesa-strip to get an ongoing dronetone .

but thats just personal taste. thanks in any way.

Anonyme a dit…

Franchement, il n'est pas si ennuyeux que ça.
Je l'ai trouvé plutôt intéressant.
Réécoutes le.
Il faut se mettre dedans, perso, j'ai accroché dès la première écoute, au casque aussi, obligatoire pour ce genre de skeud. Ou alors mettre le volume très haut.
Il m'a bien fait "voyager" ce disque. Merci.
Je suis vert d'avoir loupé une enchère sur eBay. Apparement, il est très rare. Ce sera pour la prochaine !