mercredi, juin 20, 2007

OREN AMBARCHI, Mort aux Vaches (drone / ambient, 2001)

Marvellous recording, probably the Mort aux Vaches I prefer. A very deep meditative drone that begins with a soft prepared piano and ends with an incredible "spin" (spined? I don't know the word) drone. Same basis as his album "Suspension", but even better here. Elegant, effective, really moving, brilliant!
If you don't already have it run on this link to download it.
1000 copies.

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Bilek a dit…

Hello Mahood.

Thanks for your comment in the Silver Rain blog, also thanks for your interest in uploading Brainticket's Adventure ;) Sometimes it just pays off to ask, as written in the Bible "ask and you shall receive" ;)
One tiny comment: you'd better post your next messages to me under the posts I put myself (so far I posted only Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4 & Wallenstein albums) so there's a better chance I see them! This time, for some reason I received a notification, altough your comment was in a post I was totally uninterested (well, I have most Steey Dan albums!), probably the blog owner friend wanted to notify me, hence, I got the notification from his e-mail address!

About Wallenstein: if you read my review, you must have noticed that I regard that album of inferior quality to the earlier Wallenstein albums, but by no means a "bad" album. It has its moments.. Well, whatever! It's only 32 MB's, you got nothing to lose ;)
speaking of which, I hope you also saw my request under the link in comment, that is, if you happen to find any post '77 Wallenstein album, I hope you'll post them in your blog, and let me know ;) (actually you don't need to, as I'm checking this blog almost everyday!)

Can't wait to hear Adventure!

Keep up the good work!


mahood a dit…

Sorry but you'll have to wait some days, maybe one week, I have so much work! But I'll do it.
About Wallenstein, no I don't have any later album, I have nothing after Stories and Symphonies. The only one I find absolutely fantastic is Cosmic Century.
Thanks for your comment(s)!

Bilek a dit…

Don't worry, take your time! I already have a million albums to DL, both from this blog and other blogs! (of course, I'll give Brainticket priority when you have it ready!)

Don't worry about Wallenstein, either. No serious prog fan cares much about them, but I still would like to hear, just because of curiosity. You're right about Cosmic Century, and don't overlook Blitzkrieg as well!
(btw, Stories Songs & Symphonies is also OK, despite most prog fans' negative attitude towards it!)

I hope you'll post Brainticket - Adventure on the front page (as a seperate post, that is) when you have the chance to upload it. This way more people will download...
Thank you for your interest, and don't forget to visit our blog every once in a while ;)

All the best

Anonyme a dit…

hey. thanks for posting stuff from this excellent series as well as the raster 20' to 2000, I've filled in a few gaps for myself.

ps I agree, the ambarchi is definitely the jewel of the bunch.


Anonyme a dit…

Tim Hecker & Oren Ambarchi - Improvisation In Victoriaville:

Tim Hecker, Live 1.6.2007, Nanterre, Maison de la musique: