lundi, juin 02, 2008

MIDNIGHT OIL, 1st 2 albums (1978 / 79, alternative)

Ok, it may be surprising to find some MIDNIGHT OIL albums on a blog thant announces "kraut, weird rock" etc... The reasons why I post these albums are :
1. you don't find them so easilly on the web nor in music stores, a friend of mine has been looking for them but they were so expensive...
2. these are fabulous albums that I've discovered the same years as PIXIES / WIRE etc..., in 1989 / 90 and that every one should have in his iTunes.
So, forget the late MIDNIGHT OIL you know and try this, especially the much more achieved "Head Injuries" in which each track is absolutely! outstanding, except the 1st one. You'll find there what I consider one of the best "singles" ever : "Koala sprint", an incredible prog / punk / new wave sum.
"Head injuries" is obviously their masterpiece, so listen to it first, then try their 1st that sounds more like a mainstream hard / punk band of the late 70S - begin it with such intense a track as "Surfing with a spoon" maybe.

3,5/5 for "Midnight Oil", 5/5 for "Head Injuries". And it's here, ripped at 192kbps.

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Rob a dit…

I love these early MO albums, they were a fantastic live band.
thnaks for reminding me of them.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello TM,

If you're keen to get copies of early Midnight Oil albums you'd be best getting them from Australia. All of their albums are still in print on CD here (I'm assuming you're not in Australia), and if you want them on vinyl I know that they're easily obtained here quite cheaply.

The second hand store I work for has multiple copies of all their early albums on vinyl usually around the $10AUD mark.


Anonyme a dit…

thank you for this

Anonyme a dit…

from the early years of Midnight Oil (let's say from '78 to '81), "Head Injuries" is their best LP by far!!! i love the urgency and the overall sound (the great Andrew James frantic Rickenbaker bass!).