mercredi, août 20, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#33 : EMBRYO, Opal (1970)

Better known for their (often great) "world" oriented jazz-rock, EMBRYO had begun in a slightly different style with "Opal", that sounds almost like a jazzier and almost only instrumental version of the early AMON DÜÜL II. Even if there's saxophone in every track (and I rarely loke saxo) I love the sound, and there are plenty of inventions in the compositions, it's a very good album, and it's really not too jazz oriented. Maybe it's a little "too intelligent", you may understand what I mean listening to it.
From the numerous recordings EMBRYO made, I strongly recommend "RockSession" - I don't know yet if it will be in this selection.
Try "Opal" here, ripped at 192kbps.

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per aspera ad astra a dit…

Thank You very much. Please go on with the show.

Anonyme a dit…

oooooh, this is very tempting. I've always been rather wary of Krautrock, but can feel myself diving in and having a go - so thank you for posting these albums :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Trés bon album, et belle retrospective !!! J'en ai écouté une bonne partie maintenant et des albums rare presenté celui ci m'a vraiment amusé par excentricité!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for your help!