samedi, juin 30, 2007

TURZI, Live Paris Boule Noire, 28.6.2007 (krautrock)

Was it in 1971? Not at all, but it could have been and this show could have been a passage in time. Excellent performance in a vintage krautrock style (and not "absolutely new, never heard things like that", as I heard in the audience, pfff, no musical culture at all!!). Those who like Neu, Can, Ash Ra Tempel or Agitation Free, and more generally any good psychedelic music, should try this.
So download the boot here then buy the new album "A" there.

Don't forget I've uploaded a previous show sooner (Paris Point Ephemere 21/3/2006), in my opinion it's even better than their last show, and it's still available here.

5 commentaires:

naima a dit…

it was not absolutely new, but quite a moment eh. thanks for putting this up!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks ! Good band.
Will be nice to hear their studio albums. If it possibly...


mahood a dit…

Sorry Yarro but I try not sharing brand new music that is easy to find in shops and web shops - how would these bands live otherwise?
But I really recommend both albums, and particularly the first "short" LP "made under authority". You won't be disappointed.
Thanks for them!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot:It's not the first
time I've heard about Turzi,but
I never really paid attention to
them but when you said krautrock,
it went directly to my brain.I
really like kraut primitive feeling
and This is not always the case
regarding prog.


Anonyme a dit…

Puissant, tendu, mysterieux, bref une merveille !
Et le dernier disque "A" l'est tout autant si ce n'est encore plus. Alors mille merci, car sans vous je serai passé à côté et cela aurait été bien dommage...