jeudi, mai 10, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Phallus Dei (1969, krautrock)

Even if I think that every one interested in psych rock should buy at least one AMON DÜÜL's album, I could'nt help sharing all of them. So here starts an AMON DÜÜL II series, I will upload all the official albums, what it's no use for kraut & psych freaks who already owne all of them (I suppose).

At first, their incredible "Phallus Dei", that appears to my ears as a "pre-SONIC YOUTH" album (same strange chords with bizarre distorted guitar), though it's much crazier. Not the easiest way to enter the A.D.'s world. The sound seems a bit amateurish, but it's a good thing : it mixes rock elements with tribal drums and shouts, to the best. Highly recommended (I'd give a 9/10).

Here you'll find the remastered version (re-edited by REPERTOIRE), without the bonus tracks. YOU LIKE IT, YOU BUY IT.

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Anonyme a dit…

thank you, very enlightening, great post.

reminds me to play some old kingcrimson again.

(came here for deuter celebration initially, which i owned as a vinyl but lost...). keep up the good posts.


Anonyme a dit…

...brilliant in every way...classic psychedelic music from an age when making music was about the trip...from coltrane to the dead and frank zappa farts....