lundi, mai 21, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Pyragony X (1976, krautrock)

For those who come for the 1st time on AMON DÜÜL, please forget this period and go down on this blog to download their first four albums.
From this one, it's a curious series of bizarre pop / kraut / prog tries; some tracks you can't hear, some very surprising, some are mixed of both. Here for instance, I really enjoy "Lost in Space" or "Crystal Hexagram". Anyway, their sound here has nothing in common with their 1st 3 years, what is easy to understand when you know that it's not really the same band any more, many original members are left and replaced but pop musicians, who have come with their own compositions...
Thanks to some tracks, I give a 4/10 (but be aware, some tracks are really shit, 0/10!!).
Will you dare..? It's here .

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Anonyme a dit…

It's a diferent Amon Dull II. Featuring Stephan Zauner and Klaus Ebert. I don't like "pop" word.
Amon Duul II never was a pop band. In "Pyragony X" there are simple songs, but I like them.
Perhaps "Vortex" is a pop album, but others Amon Duul II album, no.
Amon Duul II is not coventional band. Chris Karrer and John Weinzierl are excllents! I hope that you understand me.

Anonyme a dit…

I agree..anyway good to see an almost complete discografi all up for what Im looking for is Chris Karrer's "The Mask"

mahood a dit…

I agree too, even if "pop" wasn't a negative term here, just the contrary of their freak debuts. Thanks for your participation. And, no, I don't have The Mask. Have you asked Out of focus or Krauteam?

armeur H a dit…

have you some Holger czukay stuff ?

mahood a dit…

Czukay : only his fabulous "technical space composers crew"'s Canaxis and Flux with David Sylvian.