mardi, mai 22, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Only Human (1978, krautrock)

My last post for this AMON DÜÜL 2 series - for me the albums they made in the 80s / 90s are absolutely of no interest. I've stolen this one from OUT OF FOCUS, thanks to him. I will add later an alternative version of one track, definitely the best pop track of the later A.D's albums, "Don't turn too stone" (excellent!!).
For the rest, "Only Human" sounds strictly the same as "Almost Alive", though it might be a little weaker in its compositions. Only 3/10 for this last one you can download here.
For those who want to discover the band, I repeat, once more : go down in this page and try the albums before 1973!
I'm almost sad to end this series, as AMON DÜÜL was a major evolution in the way I listen to music. Discovering it at 25 was the same shock as listening to JOY DIVISION at 15 or SONIC YOUTH at 20... I hope you'll enjoy the same way.
Later, with the "Don't turn to stone" post, a reminder of the links and gradings of their entire official discography.

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