jeudi, mai 10, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Yeti (1970, krautrock)

Best album in my opinion, an incredible psychedelic trip, in comparison THE GREATFUL DEAD seem a classic blues / folk band. If you know nothing about kraut, a good album to begin with. But 8 days in april blog, who has uploaded the album, describes it better than me : "This is Krautrock in all it's immense, epic, primal, psychedelic glory. Originally released as two LP's, this features side-long suites and long improvisations marked by a dense, thick sound with inventive instrumental interplay, massive guitar riffs, herculean bass lines and smoldering vocals, male and female. At first listen some of the long improvisations at the end may seem a little too long, but they grow on you."
In my opinion, 10/10!

If you're ready to try it, go there (I don't know which version it is as I was not the uploader, but you have to know that the REPERTOIRE re-edition is far better than the 1st CD editions)
And, of course, IF YOU LIKE IT, YOU BUY IT!

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Gerard a dit…

Haven't heard these boyos yet, so looking forward to.
Cheers as always.

Anonyme a dit…

Congratulation for posts.

Anonyme a dit…


This is a great album! Great blog too! I've downloaded a lot of your krautrock stuff and really enjoyed it. Merci!

Bilek a dit…

Thanks, this is great (I had another version from a Russian mp3 CD before)

For information, this is the German edition of 2002 with bonus tracks "Rattlesnakeplumcake" and "Between the Eyes".

I'm still looking for the "Captain Trips CD" restoring Pale Gallery to its full five-minute length... All other CD issues have cut three minutes out of it! I hope I'll find it some day ;)

Keep up the good work!

Anonyme a dit…

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