mercredi, mai 09, 2007

DEUTER, Celebration / Haleakala (1976/77, ambient krautrock)

Back to kraut.
After his second album "Aum" (his best in my opinion), Georg DEUTER moved to India, the country he seemed to dream of when making his music.
Here are the first 2 recordings he produced there; logically, they are even more meditative than "Aum", but, maybe because they are not so richly textured, because they are more abstract and also sound brighter, they are not so touching, though still fascinating (especially "Haleakala"). They are considered a new step towards "new age" music, but are far better than its cliché.
Two CDs in one file that you'll find here.

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Anonyme a dit…

these are preciously vintage good....

surely i can imagine this sounding through that big sony studio black earphones.....big spacey lightning sound...bright and moldy...

wonderful to prevent actual new age

thank tonton mahood your blogspot it is our continuosly web ear surprise joy