mardi, mai 22, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Almost Alive (1977, krautrock)

"Almost alive", almost the last A.D's album I post here. Here, the best psychedelic band of the early 70s goes even further in its bizarre progressive pop tries; they often seem not to know where they're going, you can find suddenly a beautiful moment (Feeling Uneasy) following the worse (Live in Jericho)... Anyway, it's a very cool and soft pop, in sharp contrast with the punk music of the era. Somehow, I like it, but sometimes with a sense of humour I admit... And you? A 4/10 for me.
Try it here.

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Anonyme a dit…

Dear Mahood,
One more time, i don't agree.
"Almost Alive" is progressive album.
"Live in Jericho" is a great music.
"Almost Alive" can to please as no Amon Duul fans.
Congratulation for the post.

mahood a dit…

Thanks for those different points of view.
What does "progressive" mean? for me it was Yes, Triumvirat etc... Almost Alive sounds very pop no?? But ok, so say : "progressive pop"!
And I insist : I really don't like "Live in Jericho", it's not bad, nut not very interesting either...

Bilek a dit…

Thanks for this album. Post '73 Amon Düül II is always hard to find!
I also don't agree with the "pop" comment (of course, AD-II was always miles ahead of the "punk" sh*t!!!), this is still "progressive rock", not krautrock in the vein that AD-II themselves established several years ago, in fact, a little bit mainstream, but still enjoyable progressive rock! (and Live in Jericho is one of the best tracks in the album, if not "the" best! ;) )
Well, my rating wouldn't be higher than 3/5 anyway!

keep up the good work!

Anonyme a dit…

I have to agree with you just about every ADII album after made In Germany is terrible.ADII are just not the same without Renate.Anyway are you going post any of the ADII Reunion albums or the Live in Japan album.You also left out the Excellent Live in London album .thanks .Machina (USA)

Oob a dit…

thanks very much for this.

pop...hmm, one listen to commercial pop radio would prove this to be not the case.

progressive...hmm...closer i think.

progressive pop. ouch. sounds nice, but i kind of think that such a name is really impossible :) if not oxymoron.

Best labels? Good and Bad.

And this falls into the Good label. :)

subjective as all art is.

thanks a lot, once again.