mercredi, mai 16, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Hijack (1974, krautrock)

Certainly not recommended for the newcomer in kraut or A.D.'s world! It's by far the worst album the band made. Nothing is good in it, except - how is it possible - their best pop song "Traveller", a kind of classic to my ears. For the rest, it's only lazy 70s pop tunes and maladrwa production. Just boring! Of historical interest only!! I rate it 2/10.
If you're tempted, it's here.
For your information, the upload was made by OUT OF FOCUS, who never put the titles on the tracks. Find them on the artwork he's scanned for you. Thanks to OUT OF FOCUS.

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Anonyme a dit…

I like it. My favourite song is "You're not alone".

Barmaleyy a dit…

Hi Mahood

I do not agree with your opinion. It's really good album.

Anonyme a dit…

You're not alone is also my favourite song. You can hear bowie listened to this religiously and tried to ape the sound for himself. It's interesting just how minimal the percussion really is and is just right for the song. Very powerful. Just imagine recording that drum track yourself without all the other tracks that went on it and being blown away with the finished song. When bands as genius as this one is does something so simple and yet so powerful it truly something to ponder and marvel at.

Explode like a star is also great and quite catchy and european and all the good stuff that about krautrock!

Keep it up!

Anonyme a dit…

This is my favourite Amon Duul album. I've got others but haven't heard them all. My question is -which of their other albums is most like this one?
P.S. I agree 'You're not alone' is excellent but I've always had a soft spot for 'Mirror'

Anonyme a dit…

I loved this album since it was an Atco "winyl" LP - Chris Karrer's vocal version of Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman" is nothing short of outstanding.

Anonyme a dit…

I have to agree with other comments above. Whilst this is a world away from the early classics like Yeti, and their commercial krautrock sound probably reached its peak on Carnival in Babylon and Wolf City, this is still an immensely enjoyable album. Sure it sounds kind of Euro pop at times, but anyone who already loves Amon Duul will not be able to resist those great German vocals by Chris Karrer and Renate. They even manage to carry off a totally inane song about a robot called Archy. Great stuff

Anonyme a dit…

Da Guadeloop
is for me a very very good track...
All the best !


Anonyme a dit…

I agree that it's not great as an Amon Duul album: the vocals, especially by the previously-amazing Renate Knaup, are very generic and lackluster-sounding. But as a 70's rock album (disregarding previous expectations of the artist) it's a great listen. Some of the tunes are very reminiscent of Can's 70s releases, without Can's strong groove sense, but catchy with an almost sublminial quality about them. This is a good one to play for your Krautrock-novice friends and have them guess who it's by (I for one would not think Amon Duul, if it was a "blindfolded" listen). Cheers!