mardi, mai 29, 2007

SPELL, Seasons in the Sun (60s' covers, 1994)

Thanks folks for all your encouraging comments, don't hesitate to add some others of course. To make it clear for the future here, I'll keep on posting some of my prefered krautrock albums (as a krautrock introduction for beginners), some good electronic / drone music, live performances and generally the music I like (even new wave and goth rock!). My goal is not to propose the rarest music like Mutant Sounds, nor an entire collection of rare (and not always good...) kraut like Out of Focus / Krauteam, but only things I like and often seem forgotten.

So here is the easy listening album Boyd Rice made aside from his noise industrial NON project. For this occasion Rose MacDowell (CURRENT 93) joined him, for a beautifull covers' album that I still have pleasure to listen to today. The ideal music for your summer, you'll listen to it in your garden, under a warm sun. And it's here.
More info about Boyd Rice discography on

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armeur H a dit…

j'ai écouté cet album en boucle pendant des semaines... "we have joy, we have fun, we have seasons in the sun..." Boyd Rice chanter Brel en anglais, la claaasse ! À prpos de Rose Mc Dowall, sur le site de Strawberry Switchblade, y a pas mal de mp3 à télécharger.

wassonii a dit…

what a beautiful piece. thank you. i haven't heard this one in a few years. i hope it's ok, but i'm posting sorrow's first and am linking to you for this one. merci!