mercredi, mai 23, 2007

AMON DUUL II, "Don't turn to stone" Alternative version (1978, krautrock)

I don't know where this version is from, but certainly not from de CD version of "Only Human". Rythm, guitars and voices seem the same, but the bass line changes and the mix is not the same. Who could tell us where it is from? Anyway, listen to this excellent groovy track here.

At last, here is my top of AMON DÜÜL2 official albums (click on link for Rapidshare downloads) :
1. Yeti
2. Phallus Dei
3. Carnival in Babylon
4. Tanz der Lemminge
5. Vive la trance
6. Wolf City
7. Made in Germany
8. Almost alive
9. Pyragony X
10. Only human
11. Hijack

What's yours?

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Anonyme a dit…

Great Idea-for me is Amon Düül2 a important part of German-Rock

Anonyme a dit…

great post, thanks!
if you want to have a complete discography you should add the Utopia album from 1972. its not a Duuls record but comes very close because of Meid, Karrer, Knaup and Weinzierl, and a great version of Deutsch Nepal (very different from the one on Wolf City).
also you should add Vortex from 1981, a real AD2 album with a reunion of Karrer, Knaup, Rogner, Meid, Weinzierl and Fichelscher. There's also a rather nice Live In Japan-album from 1996 floating around somewhere...

danke vielmals,

Anonyme a dit…

Live In London (1974) is also a must-have ( 10/10) but the Live in Concert (BBC recording from 1973) is less inspired (6/10) but rather interesting for the inclusion of rare live renditions of Kanaan & Dem Guter Schonen Wahren...

mahood a dit…

I hate the Live in Japan and really find no interest in Vortex, though I try. Do you want it? But, ok, I'll post the Utopia album and maybe the official Live in London 1973 and BBC live too. In the last one, great version of Green Bubble Raincoated Man, very touching.
You'll find a rather good live from 2003 on Out of Focus. Or was it on Krauteam..?
Thanks for your comments.

Anonyme a dit…

Salut !
Je viens juste de dècouvrir ton site et comme toi j'adore le Krautrock, le Prog et le Psyché.C'est vrai que ce serait cool d'avoir Utopia que je ne connais pas.
Merci pour le Sand !


Anonyme a dit…

hi Mahood,

Vortex is the only one I haven't heard, so I'm curious. If you can, please post it. I appreciate it very much.


Anonyme a dit…

Nada Moonshine is Amon Duul 2 album too.

Freak Out a dit…

Sin duda alguna Yeti!!!
Saludos desde Argentina...visit

Anonyme a dit…

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